Kind of amazing what a fresh new color can do to your hair. I love Blondie hair { always have }.... but I am much happier with this color at the moment. I feel different....and I love change. I'm addicted to change actually. So this is just what I needed to jump start the flow of 2012.

While I will always be a blonde at heart.... I'm hanging up the blonde for a while and going to enjoy the darker side of things! For those of you "blondies" who might be interested. I have some clip in hair extensions that I got at Sally's...I am going to sell.They are so much fun and great for the those of you who are impatient in a grow out stage.I bought them here for $100- and I will sell them for $50.

Here is a pic of me in the blonde extensions.They are made of real hair.... very real looking,,, easy to put in.... and tons of fun.

Thanks for all the supportive comments on this post and on face book. I think I needed a kick in the booty to just go for it. For those of you who asked, my hair was done by Andrea at William Edge Salon. She is responsible for this totally... as I came in asking for brown and she had a vision that I just trusted her with instead.. so glad I did. What kinds of changes are you making in 2012? Id love to hear about them!

Oh and Im serious when I say... you dont want to miss tonights post... So much good stuff!  { we will be doing the shoot and editing all in one day... so we are unsure of the time... but we will be racing against the clock in hopes to bring it to you in the evening. } Stay Tuned to your Facebook for more details.


  1. Simply Beautiful! I am so happy for you!

  2. im so glad you just went for it and trusted andrea! she did an amazing job. i love love love it. and im excited that we might be getting to see more pics of you with your new found confidence!!!

  3. Looks AMAZING!!!! I love it!!!

  4. Hi there, I've recently started following your blog and just wanted to say the new colour really suits you!