Good golly....Kids grow so fast, right?.. and if they are playing" like kids do "their clothing  gets dirty, ripped, ruined.  Early on.... I decided I wouldn't freak out over stains and things.... {trust me ...its tempting because I'm frugal and I want clothing to last} but I also want my children to have all the fun I did as a kid .... grass stains included. I love hand me downs and thrifted bargains.... and every now and then I cave and buy some brand names. But, lets face it... buying brand new expensive kids clothes is not a great investment.... and I want to be wise... but wise and cute is even better.

Because I am frugal....I push my girls clothes to the EDGE. This shirt... I got for McCoy from Violet Bella a year and a half ago. Who could resist, right? This adorable teddy bear shirt has gotten much too short on my growing girl....  she is almost 6 now {gasp} and this shirt is marked 4t. So I added some sleevage and a band for length. Wa-la! Now it will last her another year.
These jeans... { size 4t } McCoy has a tiny waist.
we can never find jeans that fit her in the waist and length.
They are always too short on her...
So Remedy?  Ruffles!
These sweats she has had since she was three. { you think Im kidding }
Double Ruffles for these shorties....
Long bloomers added to these sweats...
How did you guess? More ruffles!!!!
This Shirt was 3t. Lasted her till 5. Added Bells and a band.
This Shirt was too short...  so I added a longer ruffle
This shirt has quite the history. it started off as a store bought Blondie one z... for McCoy when she was a baby. Loved it so much when she outgrew it... so then sewed it as a patch on a shirt, then bell sleeves and band were added as McCoy got even older... then when McCoy turned 3... I reluctantly packed it away { sigh } and pulled it out as soon as Italia turned one.... and Italia is still wearing it now at 2. { talk about pushed to the edge }

So you are probably thinking... yah.. whatever.. you sew... easier said than done for me. Well, because I am a Mom and I understand your pain.. I decided to come up with a MOMS Special.... Read the link/listings for options on styles.

I came up with two packages. The first package.... and the second package.  
The first package: 4 of your childs items to be upcycled into PPP goodness. $50.00
The second package: 10 of your childs items to be upcycled.... $120-

When you do the Math... that winds up being around $12 per item.......!!!!

Made in China... Old Navy cant beat that price.... Im not even sure you could buy the thread and time and sew it yourself for that price. I hope this will help you Moms out.... and also make your kids feel awesome.. as they get to sport their one of a kind duds year round..... So start diggin through your piles... and lets go shopping through your drawers! It's fun!


  1. I need a girl!!! Do you have any ideas for boy clothes? Obviously ruffles are out :(

  2. Agreed with that last comment-I have a little boy who is outgrowing his adorable T shirts! :/

  3. Awesome. I can def do boys shirts too. dont do ruffles obivously. ha! But a band .... and you can get creative with color.... and you can even add flannel sleeves...

    You can get as creative as you want with the fabrics...
    let me know if i can help you.

  4. love love love this! my daughter is three months and just grew out of her newborn stuff onsie wise but her leggings all still fit in the waist and are just too short i was wondering if you added ruffles to baby pants and shirts too??

  5. My girl is tiny like McCoy! She's almost three and still wears 12/18 month items sometimes! These are great ideas. I might have to get to work on some of her items. And what a great offer!