4 things to smile about.

1. Welcome Sara..... She is my beautiful friend. We met at the gym... she is my exercise partner. {which basically means she knows my whole life story now... because talking makes the workouts alot less painful. She has become a really good friend of mine.... and I just had to add her beautiful face to the line up of PPP models. So welcome Sara! :) 
 2. Another thing to smile about: Um, yes... my camera that arrived a few days ago.. that I was able to use for the first time tonight...  Major rejoicing going on over here!
 3. Do I even need words here? This is Lola, Sara's daughter.  Clearly.. Lola needed to be a PPP model.
Clearly...... I am speechless..... at trying to explain the cuteness here! { btw: these cute kids clothes will be posted in tomorrows batch }
 4. One More New Style to add to the PPP 2012 Collection.  The T-shirt Dress! This dress was birthed for me actually. I love to throw on my clothes and go.... and this dress is the perfect hassle free casual dress that still makes you feel girly and yet comfy too.
 and folks you wont be seeing this one below here... because, well I kept it for muah... but dontcha worry... I will be making lots more of these puppies.... because this is the perfect spring dress.
Hope you smiled four times!. xo. See you tomorrow for the rest of the PPP...... stay tuned for more things to smile about. :) 

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