We don't celebrate Santa. Both Donnie and I were pretty devastated when we found out Santa didn't exist... and we never want our kids to feel like they cant trust us... so before we even had kids... we knew we weren't going to play the Santa game. In saying that.. I am not putting our way of doing Christmas on any kind of pedestal.... so please don't feel judged.. if you celebrate Santa. I had good times as a child enjoying the thought of Santa... and thinking reindeer's would drop off on my roof and a chubby fella would leave me all kinds of great gifts. Its magical. We all have our own way of doing things....  and these decisions are never easy.... as there are always pros and cons.

For us.. however... we really emphasize Jesus and his birthday. The true meaning of Christmas can be overshadowed by silly songs and ho-ho-ho... when really the entire meaning of Christmas has a very serious meaning... the birth of our savior. This is not just a festive holiday in our home... it holds super special meaning to us.... and we want our children to enjoy gifts, food and family... but also take heart that God sent his son as a baby..... on Christmas day... to save the world. Its such a beautiful picture of Gods love for us.

McCoy is five and just last year she saw Santa... and kids getting pictures with him. Who is that big guy in the red suit, she asked? So... that night... we read her the story of Kris Kringle... and how generous he was in giving to others... that's a beautiful story. This year however.. is the first year she took an interest in Mr Santa Claus.. she was excited about the idea of taking a picture with him and telling him what she wanted for Christmas. When I found out The Stone was having Santa there.... we headed off  to get our pictures with Santa and make a craft. I also have to give major props to the Stone... for now carrying gluten free muffins... a huge joy for us.... even though a bit off the subject. So we arrived and we were " ready" to sit on Santa's lap. Or so we thought. Both  my kids were now in tears.... 

After Italias "dramatic" turn, McCoy was not up for it anymore... she whispered while she cried.. I don't want to tell Santa what I want for Christmas..I already told Jesus I wanted an umbrella and clean water for the kids that don't have clean water. { sigh... shes my little sweet thinker }  So I had a pow-wow with Santa and asked him if he would please not talk to McCoy... and he agreed. Ha! 

McCoy is intrigued with Santa now. I told her we could bake him cookies and write him a letter because its our imaginations that make Santa magical anyway.I loved to play pretend when I was a little girl.. and she was super excited to do this too. I also shared with her... that just because she doesn't believe in Santa.. its important that she never squash the belief and magic for another child.... she understood how this could hurt another child's heart... and it wasn't her place to do that. 

On a less serious note.... these pictures are quite classic... and I'm thinking Italia will especially appreciate hers someday!

photography credit: Abbey Henderson, New Braunfels.


  1. You are a good mom and Christian. I believe if there were more like you there would be less animosity towards Christians. Thank you for sharing. These photos are great and so is.what McCoy wants.for Christmas :-) Much love to the fam. Xo

  2. i think this is GREAT!!! i loved this post.. i think its really good that you have chosen your path for your kids about santa and not hurting anyone elses feelings in the mean time.!! WELL SAID!! i want to bookmark this page for the ppl that are not wanthing their kids to think its about Santa.. and more of the true meaning.. WELL SAID!

  3. This is a great post. So important to really focus on Jesus and I do wonder if Santa takes away from that!?!

    How sweet of your little girl to ask for an umbrella and clean water...oh breaks my heart (in a good way)!

    The pictures of your daughter crying...oh my, she really wants to get away and the look in Santa's eyes...I can't tell if he wants to let her go or just can't believe it! She will appreciate we all do!

  4. Thank you Shauna, We have chosen the same santa plan although this year I was a bit confused about why we did in the midst of people telling me I was spoiling it for my children. I got a bit bogged down in the "spoiling the magic" comments. You have got me Jesus focused again.