Our little family video.

One more reason to love my trusty little mac... I was able to use imovie to make a fun little family video from a random collection of family footage I had on my iphone. Since I used my iphone for most of the video.., its not the greatest quality... but I am still so thankful for it... The iphone has allowed me to capture video that I might not have been able to catch... just those casual quick moments in our life....  .. reading this back.. I am sounding like an apple commercial. but seriously. So happy. To hear the video.. scroll down to the bottom of the page to turn off my playlist volume.
This year we sent out this little video to our family for Christmas. This little video will be treasured.... 

Today is the last day of our 50% off sale.
read here for more info.

I am taking a Christmas Break from the 23rd-27th.
My shop will be in "vacation-mode"

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