My Assistant Taylor...

Do you guys know her? And how much she ROCKS?!
At times I tell her...if she quits, I'll quit :) She's a great lil' assistant.

Taylor is involved in all types of "behind the scenes" with PPP, 
she also models for me, and you may have seen her over at Kitchy Chicks.
Did you know she makes her own fringed clothing & one of a kind jewelry? 
You guys should check out her Etsy shop...TaylorSueForYou.

**Here are my fave fringed tops**
Crop Top Here

PEACE of Shirt here
Sign Language Top Here
Her 1st Fringed Dress Here
Stripe Crop Top Here 
{Doesn't it look great with her PPP Jean Bloomers?!}

**and here are my fave pieces of jewelry**
Dream Catcher Necklace Here
Jami Lane Necklace Here
Leather Braid Earrings Here
Blue Feather Earrings Here
Tie Dye In A Bottle Here

Neat stuff huh?! Taylor also does some photography...

These are a few pictures from her "Hill Country Memories" series 
which is on display at The Texas Ski Ranch, with small copies available for purchase! 
{vintage & photography are the next things Taylor wants to add to her stay tuned}

**Speaking of photography, I cant wait to get started on my indoor photo shoots! 
I got all my equipment excited. 
And have I mentioned I have a new 2012 PPP item designed (showcasing this weekend)?!? many new exciting things to come**

THANKS for tuning in to the Taylor blog...
Hope you guys dig her and her creations as much as I do!

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