The lowdown on Kitchy & Shoes.

I am a bit over the top with moccasins. I love them. I have a collection... so does McCoy. Now that PPP has pulled its stuff from Kitchy Chicks... I have a ton of stock in these shoes left over. I don't think I will be re-ordering any more since we don't have a store front anymore. So this may be your last chance to grab these at a discount. Check it out :

Original Price $27.00  Now Selling for $20- { Shipping 6.00 in USA, Varies international }
I have these sizes left : 7,8,9,10,11,12.  In kids sizes! Comment Below your email if you might be interested! { I will send you an invoice via paypal }

I also wanted to touch on the Kitchy Chicks Subject. I received quite a few emails... and I just wanted to clear the air. Im afraid I was vague in my email here.... and left many of you curious and or/concerned. Here is the deal. Kaari and I and every other vendor from Kitchy Chicks are on great terms, infact we are all close friends and were before we ever entertained the idea of coming together in business. Nothing went sour, bridges were not burned, no-one left anyone hanging.... this was truly one of those situations ... where a great opportunity came about and quick decisions had to be made. I am very excited for Kaari and her new store front opening up in Gruene. For those of you who have been to Gruene you know how wonderful this location will be for Kaari and her family. For those of you who asked, we are unsure if she will carry PPP, not because PPP does not want to be in Gruene and again... not because we had any kinda falling out but because she is starting a new store from the ground up... and hasn't quite decided what product exactly she will be carrying. I know this all came out pretty abruptly.... but we all are firm believers in Gods great plan... and he is constantly revealing it to us day by day.... we don't have all the answers.
I for one... enjoyed the exciting and short ride at Kitchy and yet am equally excited to be able to load up tons of merchandise for you guys now online. All is well. Thanks for your support as the seasons shift...I hope you feel better informed and more at ease! I also hope you are enjoying the PPP- Marathon... which continues on in to tomorrow..... stay tuned.

pssst. Did you see these boots too? We only have one pair of these left!


  1. Are these just kids sizes

  2. Where's the new shop? I like to touch, feel and have the kis try things on. Hope Kaari decides to carry the brand, and many more!


  3. I would love to grab a pair of the 8's! betsytress[at]gmail[dot]com

  4. Betsy.. a kids 8 right? Just making sure?

    Anonymous- we dont have a new shop.. im selling this stock from an old shop. we do have adult sizes.. they are 30- and come in brown and black.