Its cute... but Can I pull it off.....??

But ofcourse... you can pull PPP off. I'm not saying this because I am biased and just want the whole world to wear PPP { although a PPP world.. would be pretty great and colorful }.... I am saying this because I receive pictures of customers big and small, tall and short.... daring and safe.... wearing PPP... and everyone can add their own personal twist to PPP and look amazing while doing so. I gets lots of hesitant questions about the popular oxy tube for example...  " Can i wear this with a big bust, small bust, no bra, with a bra"? Many a times once a customer splurges and takes the chance... they become oxy- addicted... because they soon realize.. there are many ways to wear an oxy. Here are some options:

* You can wear it with a strapless bra or tube top :  if you don't like to see straps 
* You can wear it with a regular bra.. : showing your straps... a colorful bra can be fun 
* You can wear it without a bra...: and you would be surprised how many of you can actually   do this.. I like to wear the thicker sweatshirt oxys because they offer more coverage.
* You can wear the oxy " fitted" with a cinched elastic bust : its like having a built in bra.
* You can layer over a thin fitted tank.

I love how Casey Weigand layers her oxy tube.... She has such a great personal flair of her own.

Isnt she gorgeous? and even more gorgeous.. after reading her incredible blog..she is an inspiration... if you havent checked her blog out yet... go here.
photos c/o: kristen rae photography

Share your personal PPP styling tips here for others to read....

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