Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

This morning after standing in the line for an hour at the post office.  I realized. a-ha! Christmas is almost here! Its funny how Christmas is on the 25th... every year.. but always comes up and catches me off guard. Today, even though my list is quite daunting and long... I am going to power through it with much anticipation for our festive evening planned when the hubs gets home. I am looking much forward to a carved out Christmas celebration with my family. Here is the agenda:

*Decorate the tree.
*Christmas Music.
*Hot Chocolate.
*Baking Cookies
*Decorating Ornaments.
*Wearing Cozy Warm Pajamas
*Snuggling with all of our Noni Crochet Blankets
*Wrapping more gifts....
*And a big surprise for the kids! { a totally illogical.. we might regret this surprise }.... and I'm not telling!
..........................Till tomorrow anyway........... Ill post pictures.....

and look who was super honored to be Mary in her homeschool co-op's play.... yes.... McCoy.
It was a short and sweet... and a oh so precious little play. McCoy is my nurturer... so her dream is to be a Mommy... she practices a lot on her little sister.. so you can only imagine how happy she was to not only be a Mama. but the Mama of Baby Jesus.  

 and speaking of wrapping gifts... here are some of the bunch. Look what Abuelo and Noni { The girls Great -Grandmother and the maker of those "famous" beanies} got my girls for Christmas from Warm Sugar.. I cant wait to see the girls faces. They will treasure these forever....  Aren't they beautifully made?
Praying your day and mine is full of joy.... even with our mile high to-do lists.
I love this time of year... don't want to miss the little moments.

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