I have been consumed with my indoor studio equipment..the cold weather has inspired me to move inside and learn a new trade. Dont be sad.. the PPP wall will still be rocking in some warmer months. Donnie Taylor McCoy and I have been working really hard to get our look " just right". We still want out pictures to convey " the lifestyle"..... as our wall shots do.

There are so many choices to make on backgrounds... and right now.. I am leaning towards this peachy vintage tone.... what do you think?  I am hoping to get photos of new PPP coming in all weekend long....  Oh gosh.... 


  1. They all look fabulous!

    Would you ever consider doing a post on what equipment, etc you use for your photo shoots and some tips? I would love to have my photos look this nice!

    Great job, keep it up ;)


  2. Sure Kylene... I will do that very soon-