Christmas Tree Decorating + Jefe

And the Party Begun... 
I set up an ornament decorating table...

We decorated the tree.
Some fun activities... for my "school-minded" girl.
We ate the best egg nog icecream from whole foods.

Popped Popcorn... 

Listened to Elvis Christmas Album

Then Daddy needed to run out for a bit... and came back with THIS!
 Our Christmas gift to the girls! 
We named him Jefe { pronounced Hefe }...  Meaning "boss" in spanish.
Because our life is already busy and full... I questioned how logical it was for us to get him. BUT..... Donnies response was perfect.!!!!  " We have never been "logical" people... people who plan, we got engaged after months of knowing eachother, got married soon after, got pregnant on our honey moon, moved to another state without a having a job lined up..... and can you imagine what our life would be like had we waited on any of those things "?

When Donnie and I first met, he had his dog Kona... and I had my dog Rocky.... It was one of the passions that actually bonded us together.... we would spend many weekends at the dog beach in Huntington or the Pv cove. Kona lived to 17 and rocky to 14... we were blessed... but we miss having a dog.Watching him chase the girls tonight and flopping all over the house.. in his clumsy way.We are already so in love. 

My Mom gave us a great idea.. to heat up a water bottle so he could feel the " faux body heat". 
And looks who was sleepy?I guess our party knocked his socks off....
Happy to have you Jefe.... and our journey begins... with a furry baby.


  1. i love donnie's response. this actually makes me think alot about my little baby situation :) tell donnie thank you!

  2. Oh my gosh, he is so cute! Congrats on your new baby ;)

  3. You've done it again. You have blessed me so much with this christmas story. We also have two smallish children, busy lives although we have an ageing dog. We got two puppies in the summer. Was a fantastic descision hard work at times especially since we have moved house twice since then. Tragicaly we lost one last week, but your post has made me smile and remember the good times we had with her.