Christmas Break... I love you.

 And it was Christmas......

McCoy got what she wanted ... if you can remember her wish.
An umbrella and clean water for the kids who had none.
We found a perfect little spot for the girls warm sugar dolls.... and McCoys new sewing machine.
We always buy thrifted barbie dolls { usually they come naked} so we were excited to receive barbie clothes this Christmas.
and then we did the " unimaginable"...... we ate at ihop for a late lunch.
Yes, me. If you know me.... this is funny. It was the only place open. 
But totally worth the memory and the slight stomach ache.

For the most part... we have just been lounging around the house... 

and with two Italians in the kitchen.... the kitchen has been kinda  off-limits.
You don't mess with an Italian boy and his " Ma".
Right now... they are all watching "Cinderella"...  I'm going to bake some gluten free cookies and snuggle up with them.... { including my mighty snugly puppy }
Christmas Break... I love you.

I will open my shop on the 27th.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

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  1. looks like you had a fantastic time with your family! :)