Bring it on , 2012

Bring it on, 2012.

Simplify the way I run my business
Get More organized
Find new software to do book keeping
Better my Photography skills
Pray into my purpose more...
Read some of the books I have had on my list to read
Find out how I can help orphans. { more hands on }
Get on Skype... so i can talk to friends far away
Study the bible like a student {truly seeking after understanding}
Fix my iphone video so its not so shaky
Pray into baby #3 or ?

 Savor More fully my small moments
Get Some Chickens... 
Start a Garden in spring with McCoy
Switch up exercise to make it more fun/yoga/rebounding/body pump
Clean out house... and stop collecting.
Embrace more fully the concept: Less is more!!!!!
Breathe Deeply
Go to bed earlier
Wake up earlier
Drink a green drink once a day
Organize coffee dates with good friends more often
Try not to stress over small issues
Be more forgiving 
Get more hands on homeschooling projects
More Sit ups and push ups!
Get a more efficient printer.. so i can print everything from home
Go to post office= less
Take more walks 
Puppy training classes
Wish: Canon 60D
Get an Allergy Test
Be more supportive of my husband and his dreams
MORE date nights!

Plant new grass in back yard
Allow myself to be hurt without feeling angry.
Allow more downtime in my life.

Learn to relax more fully.
Start potty training Italia ..slowly
Finish making new patterns for 2012
Pray into the future of PPP.
Paint the house
Be a better listener.
react= less
Move office into garage.
Let the laundry pile up and be O.K with it.
Dance more with the kids
More snuggles.... less computer!

I hope your 2012.. is filled with lots of hopes and dreams!
Happy New Year Friends!


  1. quite a list you've got there sweets! happy new year!

  2. I love each and every one of these!! :)

  3. Happy 2012 a couple of suggestions to help you tick off your list. Try for accounting package my husband swears by it and he has tried many. Try out Zumba for exercise, it is super fun and I genuinely look forward to it even when I'm feeling unmotivated. Ps Philippians 4:13
    Loads of love and enjoy your year

  4. you & your photos are beautiful through & through!

  5. I just "found" you through The Wiegands and I'm so glad I did! I love this list!! I look forward to reading more :)
    Have a blessed weekend!!