Around Here...

We have been super busy.. around here. 
Lately Ive been feeling like I need to protect my time more.
I wax and wane on this.
 Right now I feel like I need to allow for more empty gaps in between my to-do's.
Its hard... because I intend to keep it relaxed....but
 awesome opportunities come about, a coffee date, a bible study, a play date, a work opportunity.
and before you know it.. We are super busy again.
With all good things.
Sometimes Im awesome at balancing...
and other times, well.. I am pretty terrible at it.
There is nothing I really want to say No too.
But I need too.
"No".. { say it with me } its difficult, isn't it?
I'm thinking that's why God says on Sunday ... we should rest.
I should really give the "rest" thing a decent shot.
Resting has never been my strong suit.
Maybe my tonsils will grow back and I can have them removed again.
That should do it.
Until then.... I will practice a few no's here and there.
Ill start by saying.. " No"to any kind of work from the 22nd-26th.
Be proud of me... its a big step... an official Christmas break.

Xo. Shauna

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