Bring it on , 2012

Bring it on, 2012.

New PPP. Hollar!

I have been super unhappy with the changes in my pictures.Switching from natural lighting to studio lighting... has been a huge challenge.I still have a lot to learn.The last few shoots.... I slept uneasy afterward because the photos were grainy and shadowed. To be honest...I  miss the wall and natural lighting... but I also know that as I continue to learn.... the studio shots are going to keep getting better and better. So I wont give up....infact todays shoot went quite well.  {this morning... my awesome husband was helping me test out the lighting with some poses... ha-ha... love it }

 Posting "Awesome" New PPP... Monday..... 8pm. 

Family Time.

Is there really anything better in life than time with family? I think not.


Savoring every moment.

We are OPEN.

Yow... PPP is open!
and New PPP very soon.
Stay Tuned!

Christmas Break... I love you.

 And it was Christmas......

McCoy got what she wanted ... if you can remember her wish.
An umbrella and clean water for the kids who had none.
We found a perfect little spot for the girls warm sugar dolls.... and McCoys new sewing machine.
We always buy thrifted barbie dolls { usually they come naked} so we were excited to receive barbie clothes this Christmas.
and then we did the " unimaginable"...... we ate at ihop for a late lunch.
Yes, me. If you know me.... this is funny. It was the only place open. 
But totally worth the memory and the slight stomach ache.

For the most part... we have just been lounging around the house... 

and with two Italians in the kitchen.... the kitchen has been kinda  off-limits.
You don't mess with an Italian boy and his " Ma".
Right now... they are all watching "Cinderella"...  I'm going to bake some gluten free cookies and snuggle up with them.... { including my mighty snugly puppy }
Christmas Break... I love you.

I will open my shop on the 27th.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

Our little family video.

One more reason to love my trusty little mac... I was able to use imovie to make a fun little family video from a random collection of family footage I had on my iphone. Since I used my iphone for most of the video.., its not the greatest quality... but I am still so thankful for it... The iphone has allowed me to capture video that I might not have been able to catch... just those casual quick moments in our life....  .. reading this back.. I am sounding like an apple commercial. but seriously. So happy. To hear the video.. scroll down to the bottom of the page to turn off my playlist volume.
This year we sent out this little video to our family for Christmas. This little video will be treasured.... 

Today is the last day of our 50% off sale.
read here for more info.

I am taking a Christmas Break from the 23rd-27th.
My shop will be in "vacation-mode"


After clearing out Kitchy Chicks... I am pushing Nearly 200 items online.... I am maxed out on space over here in my small little studio.I am eager to clear out as much as possible.. and start fresh for 2012.
With a new line brewing.... and lots of new changes in the works....Its time to say goodbye and let go of this merchandise.As many of you know.. its rare I ever have a 50% off sale!So have at it! Offer is only good for Dec 21-22. No Exceptions. I will be taking a short Christmas Break shortly after.

This sale is only for ALREADY made items... not customs :) 

Psst. Please be sure to enter in your coupon code on etsy.
I wont be able to refund the discounts in full.. because of differing etsy fees!
So if you don't know how to enter in the coupon code... ask me how! and Id love to help you.
Eeeeek. Happy Super Sale.