Shine Project.

 Have you been to Caseys blog. ? One of my absolute favorites. I always leave her space feeling filled up... she has such a lovely heart for God and is a sweet Mama of two. Today she guest blogged over on The Shine Project... and I was honored to be mentioned. If you are a blogger.... there are some super good tips on blogging.... and she explains how to also be a supportive follower. A good read.... so hop on over!

I am also still blushing from her kind comments of Poor Pitiful Pearls Photos, I am by no means professional.... but I do aim to capture " a feeling" and "a lifestyle" in my pics... and we have a lot of fun taking them... so im glad the vibe resonates with some... that makes me incredibly happy.


  1. Ashley from Shine Project was one of our vendors in our vintage market! She is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I <3 Casey!! I had the pleasure of getting to hang out with her at Blog Sugar in September - she is amazing!!