PPP Interview by 7Cubed.

I was recently interviewed by 7cubed. and I thought I would share some of the interview questions here on the blog. Many of the questions I recieved in regards to Etsy's Quit your Day Job Interview were very similar to these she asked.. so hopefully they will minister to someones heart. I am still working on the Q&A I have promised. For now.. here is a start:

We all have a time in our lives when we realize, "Oh!  I get it!  God, you have prepared me with this talent and skill that has a foundation laid deep in my heart.  You have given me this passion. What am I to do with it?" What was that "aha" moment like when you realized that God had given you this specific artistic talent to actually be a integral part of your life in His will?

I always loved designing clothing. I went to design school for two years and played around with the clothes in my own closet. But, it wasn't until my friend was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and shortly after committed suicide, that a grave seriousness came over me. It was gut wrenching for me… the darkest season of my life. I had a lot of questions for God… a lot of confusion built up inside my spirit. After the death of my friend, I had my nose in the Bible. I brought my Bible to the restaurant I worked in, and if it was slow I would read. I wrote a prayer journal on the beach before an early surf every morning, it was my therapy… the thing that got me out of bed.

I spent a lot of time thinking about the brevity and purpose of my life… and being near the ocean every morning made me realize how big God truly is.. and how small I am in comparison. It also made me realize I had no right, really to question such an all knowing God. I had to accept that God is good… even when my life at the moment seemed as if it were falling apart. It became very real to me, that one day I would die… and that everyone that is alive will also have their final hour. Then I got my hands on the book A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, and I devoured it. Warren rose the questions "What on earth am I here for?" and  "What matters most?" and goes into detail about using what God gave you. By the end chapter of the book, I was literally signing a contract for a rental space for my clothing shop. I am not exaggerating when I say I had no money, I really didn't. But God opened doors in miraculous ways. Often times, I am asked, weren't you afraid? I can honestly say I wasn't. I was confident about what God was calling me to do, and at that moment, everything else in the background became out of focus… I knew my clothing line could be a ministry… but I didn't quite understand how. I was obedient with what he placed o my heart, and over the years he has continued to reveal to me whats next for PPP.

I love this quote from Francis Chan.

“How many times have you heard someone say, ‘I just wish I knew God’s will for my life.’ I know I have longed for this before. But now I see it as a misguided way of thinking and talking. There are very few people from scripture who received their life plan from God in advance. Consider Abraham, who was told to pack up his family and all his possessions and start walking. He didn’t know where he was going. He didn’t know if he would ever be back. He didn’t know any of the details we consider vital (e.g his destination, how long the venture would take, what the costs/rewards would be). God said to go and he went, and that’s pretty much all he knew. I think a lot of us need to forget God's will for my life. God cares more about our response to His Spirit’s leading today, in this moment, than about what we intend to do the next year. In fact, the decisions we make next year will be profoundly affected by the degree to which we submit to the Spirit now, in today’s decisions. It is easy to say the phrase, “Gods will for my life,” as an excuse for inaction or even disobedience. It’s much less demanding to think about God’s will for your future than to ask Him what he wants you to do in the next ten minutes. Its safer to commit to following Him someday instead of this day.”
 -Francis Chan -Forgotten God.

7Cubed:  Amen to that.  We totally agree. Hope everyone reading this absorbs that... 

"It’s much less demanding to think about God’s will for your future than to ask Him
what he wants you to do in the next ten minutes. Its safer to commit to
following Him someday instead of this day. "

That is probably true of everyone.  At least until they realize that God's will is in the here and now.  
What would be the most poignant advice you have for other moms out there who want to pursue their passion in any given field but feel the time crunch and the pressure to "get it all done"  - you know, those everyday restraints?

 Its sad to me that many people treat their children like they are a burden. When you treat a child like a burden, they will become one… A child is not "something that is standing in the way of our dreams" but rather someone who brings inspiration to carry out our dreams more fully. If you are able to stay at home with your children, don't feel "unknown" or worthless if your day is consumed by folding laundry, making meals and providing for the needs of those in your family.When Jesus came, he came as a servant, not a king… having the opportunity to love others and build them up, is a great honor. Pouring into the lives of others is what we were born to do.

I get asked a lot, how do you do it all? and really my answer is "I don't".

I wax and wane on activities outside of the house, I am constantly seeking balance. I have to be very organized with my time. And if I feel my daily routine is becoming too hectic.. I'll look for ways to trim the fat. Sometimes it means forgoing a Bible study or a workout.. to have more time to sit around in my pajamas with the kids and not feel rushed out the door. What I have learned is that saying "no" is an art… and it is under-valued in a society that equates being busy with being important. Sometimes, we just need to decline. If you are feeling overwhelmed with how you will get it all done it's is a good indication that its time to start saying no. 

7Cubed:Where does your inspiration come from and how do you conceptualize it to make it a reality in all of your work?

Its sounds maybe oversimplified, but I make what I like. I know I have a targeted customer ... and PPP is not a typical baseline for fashion. I don't try to be something I am not in the fashion world… I just make what I love and hope that others will love it too.  My inspiration comes from living out real life… clothes you can actually wear, and not worry about. I'm pretty relaxed about imperfections and I crave things to be just a little "off". Clothes that won't turn you into a total nightmare, if you spill a bit of coffee on it. Clothes that feel comfortable… but make you feel special and one of a kind without a whole lot of effort.

7Cubed: As life throws the punches and the "unexpected" lands in your lap, related to your hope and desire for your business to grow in the right direction, how do you cope with those things as they pop up?

Its not easy, when unexpected things happen. I am not going to pretend I have mastered this. I, for one, am not very good at dealing with undesired surprises… but I have learned that life is undeniably made up of them. Knowing that God has a perfect plan and that there is a purpose for all things, gives me the strength to push through and know that God is in control when I feel out of control. 

I, of course { like many of us }, have racks and racks of dreams… and lots of preconceived ideas of how and when they should come to fruition. Sometimes, they transpire, sometimes they completely unravel and sometimes God brings even better things along... that I never could have even imagined to dream. Being open minded and willing to surrender to him is key. The best preparation to not lose heart, is to dedicate our dreams entirely unto the Lord.. then you will have no regrets or true concerns.. because if you trust God has a better plan for your own life than even you…then everything must be "just as it should be."

When we are at our at our wits end for an answer, then the holy spirit can give us an answer. But how can he give us an answer when we are still well supplied with all sorts of answers of our own?
- Karl Barth

7Cubed:In what ways do you try to instill in your children the value of listening for God to lead your endeavors in life?

 We teach them to be free thinkers by example I hope. To not conform to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of their minds. Romans 12:2  God leads us all in unique ways.. I fear them growing up to be " nice little church ladies" that miss out on the radical- ness of a personal relationship with God… I want my girls to be bold and fearless for the Lord…. and to follow him, even when the world shakes its head in disapproval. The only way we can truly teach our kids anything is to model it genuinely ourselves.. and the heaviness of that "role" is one I am desperately in pursuit over.. constantly praying for courage and wisdom so that I can be that model for them. Like I said in question 2, I shudder at the impact a Mother has... we are all going to make impacts on our children... there is no question about that. Whether they be good or bad ones, is the question.

 If you want to read the whole interview.. please check out 7cubed.org


  1. You did it again, such encouraging words when I really needed to hear them. You are so helping my walk with god, my parenting and my sanity right now. Thank you and praying for mega quick final tonsil healing.

  2. Shiny Rock Designs from EtsyFriday, November 18, 2011

    First, I love the kitty potty motivatoin poster! I may need to do that for my 4 year old who "just doesn't want to use the potty". Ugh. I love the quote about listening to God now. I am definately listening to God in the future. I'm just not sure if I hear Him or me right now!