Not too Shabby Daddy.

Its Friday... and Daddy survived a whole week as Mr Mom 
{ and I dont think he wants to go back to work }

-Daddy realized how much McCoy talks
-I learned that while the house was not as clean, everything was just as it should be.
- Daddy is much more lenient with tv time, the kids got to watch a lot of movies
-Daddy also has been putting their outfits together, quite impressed with his selections.
-they both had baths and their hair washed.
-Daddy cooks awesome meals { that sadly i couldnt eat }
-Daddy took them to the park, did school work with McCoy and even made a fort with them.
I feel bad for Daddys sometimes, they miss out on so much stuff having to go to work.
Ill admit, Sometimes Im envious of the down time Donnie has just on a solo drive to work in silence... because I never hear silence.... but I have had my rest this week.... and let me tell you..
silence... aint all THAT.
 I soooooooo. miss my kids. even the whining, even the loud screeches Italia makes when McCoy takes something away from her.
Im so ready to get back to our homeschooling, and puzzles and art projects.
I cant wait till I can actually talk to them again.

I do wish Daddy could just stay home with us though...


  1. Aw. I love this blog. So cute. Donnie is such a good Dadda! I hope you are feeling better....I can't wait to talk to you!!!! Love you!