Make a Wish.

Hello fellow PPP Friends ~ 

There are many of you whom I know but thousands that I do not, but I know your hearts. And that’s why I’m writing … I’m hoping you can help me.

A dear friend of mine was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer. This young lady is one of the most vibrant women I have ever met, the type of person who brightens your day just by being a part of it. She’s an old soul with a young girl’s dreams, which is fitting, considering she’s only 17.
Thankfully they have caught the cancer in time, and after a five-month fight she is in remission. A beautiful thing happened along the way, she has now rethought her future, and her heart has been opened to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Molly will be attending Boise State University to complete a degree that she hopes will coincide with a future in the Foundation and more immediately, gain an internship with our state chapter located there. Molly's wish is to take her clear understanding of the struggles facing children just like her and make their dreams come true. Such a blessing, right?

Which leads me to you and why I’m writing to you today … Molly turns 18 on November 30th, and her mother, Robin has created one of the most unique gifts I’ve ever heard of. She has created a Make-A-Wish donation page, Inspired by Molly that she hopes will raise $5,000 for other children. 

So.. lets search our hearts.... please and see how we can be a blessing to not just one, but many children.... here are the many ways you can help!
  • You can send a check out to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and send it to Robin Renaldo,702 Center Ave.,St. Maries,ID,83861
  • Please help spread the word.....that will be the magic.....ask your child's classroom to start a penny drive, tell the folks at your meetings, forward on nearly expiring air miles and make them endlessly useful, share this story on your blog or forward on this email to your list of contacts {but please not on facebook, where Molly can see it }
  • If you’re interested in Molly’s cause or Make-A-Wish in general, please help - with a monetary donation if you’re able - or a thoughtful card or letter sent to Robin’s address if you’d prefer. 
Because, like Robin {her mother wrote}, this is about more than just raising money for Make-A-Wish (which is a grand gesture, indeed), it’s about spreading a message of goodwill and hope. The donations you make will not benefit Molly directly, but rather help another child's wish come true, as that is Molly's wish.  And with PPP's loyal followers, we could do something really special here; special for Molly and all of the children associated with the Make-A-Wish program.

This is more than just a mother wanting to give a touching birthday gift to her daughter. This is a movement of hope! Who's in?

Thank you so much,
Devon Barta,
Mother, Blogger, Fellow PPP Addict

Thanks Devon! This is Shauna, this story has touched my heart,  I love the heart that Molly has to help others who will face a tough battle as she did. What a blessing she is. I would like to participate in a tangible way myself. For every person who donates, I am offering you a 10% off discount for tonights post.  ENTER : MOLLY4HOPE  in the check out on etsy... please comment below and let us know if you were able to help. 


  1. Thanks for sharing Molly's story. You've touched my heart today. Blessings to you and yours...

  2. Shauna ~
    Thank you so much for sharing this here and helping us to spread Molly's message of hope. YOU are an inspiration.
    This epitomizes the PPP lifestyle.

    Thank you Shauna and PPP Nation.

    Much love to all of you ~