Its a Noni.. Winter

I love this time of year in Texas. I love the smell of Christmas. The weather is perfect. I can wear all my cute clothes and move my jeanshorts and tanktops out of the way. And no winter season is complete without our Noni Beanies. & I did tell you about my new ahh-mazing boots, right?

 Right now I have this verigated green, plum and citron beanie  for $32- available. It is not listed in my etsy... so just comment below with your email address if you would like it.

What we wore:

Donnie: GAP Hoodie Jeanjacket
Levi Brown Cords
Noni Beanie: tight stitched

Me: Sweater GAP
Vtg Rosary 
Jeggings Abercrombie
Nine West Boots
Noni Beanie

Gap Stretch Pants
Gifted Fur Boots. Old Navy
Noni Beanie

Italia: Thrifted Stripe Jacket
Treebottom Woolies
Robeez: Peace shoe
Noni Beanie

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