Home Sweet Home.

You would think I would be itchin to get of this house... since Ive been inside all week long.
But.. i love being home. Im becoming quite a home-body. I never thought I would be that way.

 Its cold outside... and I get excited every year to bring out all of Nonis handmade crochet blankets. and make it cozy. I did that today... it kinda " officialized" the season. My adorable pillows are all from Pillow happy, on etsy.
 Italia tore the house apart again today,
 My friend, Robins art is all over my house... I am so lucky. I cant wait for my next piece.
 I made up this felt leaf garland today....
 and made up this little craft... with Nonis crochet Christmas Ornaments... I was really into the " season" today... if you cant tell.

When Im sewing for my own pleasure... I like to set up my machine on the kitchen table.. I l feel like I am hanging with the family and we are all together doing stuff together.
 My amazing family photos.. by Laura Mazurek.  People gasp when they see them. I treasure them.
 I fixed one of my old baby dresses that I wore growing up. ..... { I have been holding on to it }... Mccoy was so excited to try it on.
 McCoy is my budding little artist.

We are having a nice weekend...
 Cant believe Daddy's Stay-cation is almost over! I really dont want him to go back to work.
Anyone of you lucky enough to have husbands who work from home?
Whats that like... id love to hear.?

I do have some good news!
New PPP... Monday!!!!! 8pm Texas Time.
Awesome,right? I've sure missed you guys!


  1. Love your cozy home;) thanks for sharing! Looks like a nice weekend!

  2. Can you explain how to make that leaf garland?? Soo cute!

  3. We love you guys. Seeing all of those photos just makes me miss you all. :-(. But so happy you love your home and you're feeling better. :-). Hi to everyone!! xoxo Fran

  4. i love love love your new home, cant wait to see it in person one day. and holy moly you did not have that couch the last time i was over??? love it! looks like it matches the chair you gave me. love. i love every little nook in your house. and so glad to see you sewing for yourself! and you say your not crafty :) holiday spirit!!!

  5. awww. thanks guys!
    @with my whole heart.
    I just printed out a template of leafs from the internet... traced them onto felt. {im awful at drawing }

    then i doubled them up. for a two toned color look.

    and then stitched the veins on.

    it took me like 30 mins... it twas easy!

  6. your home is so colorful and beautiful! :)
    husbands who work from home...hmmm...well, mine is a photographer, so other than the actual going out to assignment, he's here. i can honestly say that sometimes he puts a little dent in my plans lol. it's hard. we really have to work together. but i think in the end it's better. hayden gets to see his dad, and that's so important. and i have a husband, not JUST a provider. <3

  7. Your house is awesome. And so is the song that is currently playing. The Black Keys know how to bring the soul to rock and roll.

    Along Abbey Road

  8. Your home looks beautiful, Shauna!! Your girls are gorgeous, too. xoxo!