Days with no tonsils.

A quick glimpse at my days so far....

* Pain pills every 6 hours... yet they wear off after 4. { hence... my least favorite parts of the day }
* To pass time, I take three baths a day...and change my clothes.. so I feel like I did something.
* My Bloomer collection has been reallllll good to me...
* I tried to play on photo shop and/or read a book but my attention span is zero.... oop. back to pinterest.
*Thank God for Juicing, One entire green drink... gives me all my vitamin A and C I need for an entire day.{ i have been keeping track on } which is my new obsession.
* Now eating mashed potatoes, pureed yams, applesauce... and have even eaten some of Italias baby food. Don't be jealous... trust me its an upgrade from day ones: pudding, big stick and yogurt.
* I'm officially OVER Popsicles. { like forever }
*The husband washed both cars today inside and out...
* I can smell the dinner my husband is making and in short... I am counting down the days till I can partake.
* My means of communication : writing everyone notes and lots of hand gestures!
* I bang on a pot when I need something and there is no-one in the room near me.
* McCoy calls me "dear"... and assumes she must be my mom now.

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  1. hahaha..too funny...McCoy assumes Mom role. Awwwww, NANA......I bet it sucks to not talk or eat...our two favorite things, no doubt! I am so bummed we didn't get to talk before your surgery...get well soooon! Sending lots of hugs your way. MUAHHHH! Text me if your bored! xoxoxo