Bedside Nutrition.

This morning I woke up feeling rather good. Or better I should say better. Day 5 of my tonsillectomy recovery... and I am so ready for this to be behind me. It felt natural to start loading up the washing machine and windexing the bathroom mirror. Nothing major... just a little harmless tidying up.... but my husband sent me back to bed..  I couldn't imagine being anywhere BUT my bed the last four days.. but today ? Today I want to take a walk.. paint, jump on my trampoline or at least play with my kids. { I know I cant do those things entirely... but gosh I cant wait to be back to myself } I know my husband is right .. people who think they are feeling good early on in the recovery, tend to over do it and then have bleeding issues.. so I'm sitting in my bed trying to stay occupied.I'm catching up on backdated archives of my favorite blogs, browsing pinterest, making Christmas gift lists and playing with myfitnesspal. 

A week before my tonsillectomy.. a friend told me about myfitnesspal. She lost 70 pounds over a healthy amount of time... and I was curious how she did it. I knew she ran everyday and ate healthy... but I was curious what kept her motivated and disciplined. She told me about her iphone app, my fitness pal.. and folks... I am addicted.

You see... I don't want to lose weight, but gain muscle tone back after the babies so I am not using the app as a diet aid... but what I fell in love with.. was the daily journal of being accountable to what I was eating.. The app has helped me to see my patterns in eating and what vitamins I might be lacking in, etc.  After doing myfitnesspal for one week... I realized a lot about my food intake.  This would have been a handy tool when I was pregnant to make sure I was getting enough of everything. Also.. great for charting kids who are failing to thrive.  Seriously, this is the smartest app, ever. 

Here is how it works:

-If you have an iphone.. that's rad.. because you can get this free app. and use it every where you go.

-You type in the item you are wanting to eat.. and it will show you all the nutritional facts and do all the math for you, based on how much of it you are eating.

-Its quite handy for eating out too, one time I wanted to order something at Jason's Deli... until I realized the chili taco salad had more calories and sodium than my daily allowance. Crazy, right? A salad.

-Some phones will let you scan the bar code on foods at home... for quick entering.

-Its really not that time consuming... because most of us.. have many foods we eat quite frequently... and once you have entered it, you don't have enter it ever again.. it stores a ton of info used by you and other users.

-At the end of the day, it gives you a summary of all your nutrition and also a weekly summary as well. This helps you make the right selections when choosing meals for the future.

I love food... and when I was told a tonsillectomy would make you lose ten pounds... I was nervous... because prior to this tonsillectomy I found out I am gluten Intolerant. { not celiac } but intolerant. That's a whole different story.. Ill get into that with another blog. And since cutting out gluten I immediately lost five pounds.. { and my indigestion that I had for over a year went away } and if I lost ten more on top of that, Id be looking pretty puny. Also.. the idea of living off Popsicles and jello... didn't sound like a very nutritious diet for anyone, especially a body trying to heal.With the help of my fitness pal... I have been able to chart what I am eating all day long and find out what I need as I go along.

For example Yesterday:  { Mind you I am recovering from a tonsillectomy.. so eating is tricky}
I was only short 21 calories short of my goal for the day.
I was over my Vit A by 144%
Over my Vit C by 122%
Yet, only got 22% of my calcium
and only 16% of my iron.
and I had only met 1688/3500 of my potassium

That's pretty good for a girl who should be on a diet of ice cream and jello, though.

For tonight.. I am aiming for foods that are high in IronPotassium and Calcium since I am very low in these areas today and obviously something I can throw in my vita mix. I was amazed that one green drink gave OVER the daily requirement of most of my vitamins.  { green drink recipe below }... So if you are ever in a pinch... a green drink is really the best solution.  

Green Drink:
One head of romaine lettuce {1091% of your Vit A,  200% of Vit C, 34% iron, 19.5 grms fiber }
One green apple { 7.5 gm fiber, 30% Vit C, 300 mg Potassium }
One lemon { im passing on lemons right now because of my throat}
5 stalks of kale. {206% vita A, 134% Vit C,}
You can add a nub of ginger or garlic as well { Im not that brave right now, bet it would burn}

I will add collard greens tonight..adding 45% of my daily iron  and 25% of my daily calcium }

Now ofcourse you wont get the fiber when you juice the greens, but my Pediatrician told me to use the left over fiber when I make the kids gluten free muffins, {Genius}My husband just peeked in on me, shaking his head laughing. Clearly.. I should let this painkiller settle in and take a nice nap. So ready to join the world... but I have still quite some time to heal.


  1. i have a droid and myfitnesspal is also free!!! i dont actualy use it as much as i want or should but it is very very cool!!

  2. Hi Shauna. I hope you are feeling better. I wanted to thank you for posting about myfitnesspal yesterday. I recently had a baby and I'm trying to shed the baby weight. I was looking for different ways to keep track of my food intake and thanks to your blog I have found it! I am obsessed with it now. Thank you again!!!

  3. Shauna you make me are one committed person... x x x

  4. I love myfitness pal! My friends and I follow each other and it is so great for motivating each other! Really great tool!! I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did!