Awesomeness all around us.

I still cant talk, eating mush, and the pain is still pretty significant... but I'm not Miserable { as some people describe their pain to be on some these scary tonsillectomy boards.} I am so thankful that all has gone well in this recovery...  Yesterday I was feeling antsy.. and my husband wont let me lift anything, so I cant even load up the washer without him getting real mad at me. He knows I'm a busy body... and thinks I'm insane for not taking this time to rest, but I'm telling you, I really don't feel that awful.

So I was very excited to sit down yesterday on the floor {without over exerting myself} and cut squares and pin somethings together. I made like 20 bundles... that are all just sitting there happily by my sewing machine... waiting to be made up. Just being a little bitty productive made me feel more like myself and that was pretty awesome. I also realized that for the past three days I have worn the same sweatshirt with alternating PPP bloomers. If you don't have a firedaughter off the shoulder sweatshirt... nows the time to hop on it.. you just simply cant enter "winter" without one. Cheers to the winter in FD and PPP.
Here are some pics of me in my FD sweatshirt and Bloomers last winter... on our land out by the lake. Its so peaceful and beautiful out there.... we still have dreams to build a house one day { our funky style} out there... but right now being in the city is just easier for the kids and their activities.

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OTHER Random Awesome-ness!
- We made almond flour agave eggless choc chip cookies last night.. and I was able to eat them... mushed up and all. 
-Italia now says "please"!
-Kitchy Chicks just got a ton of new product in their shop... so go get some Christmas shopping done and dont procrastinate. and stay tuned for a PPP live post today. be sure to add them as a friend on fb.
-My husband is awesome and fixed our broken washing machine.
- I love this braid. Im not feeling very confident about doing it myself. but I know my friend Dani can help me do it. I cant wait till I feel better and can give it a try.
- Garret McNamara catches world record 90ft wave in portugal. Crazy? Watch it here.


  1. im glad you are feeling better. why dont you send some of that energy my way!!! i never have enough!!

  2. you're so cute. :) i pray you continue to heal up quickly!