Around Here...

1.Whole Lotta Rapunzel around here: McCoy loves the movie tangled. She has probably seen it now going on twenty times. I even caved and bought her a $55 barbie doll set. Very unlike me... I'm not a big "toy" purchaser.... but when we walked past the Rapunzel doll, Flynn Ryder and Magnus the horse set. McCoy actually gasped out loud... and put her hand over her mouth. { She does not get this excited about things, cupcakes maybe... but never has she done this when we were shopping} My heart kinda hurt.... I looked at the price and thought " geez, really?" but then overcome this apprehension.. and quickly nabbed it up for her. She was so excited... and has been busy everyday playing with her doll set. She is constantly singing " at last i see the light"....... and Even Italia has picked up on it some... so cute. { I put a little video of Italia singing attached }
In this shot, McCoy was like, Mom... " come here.. look I am Rapunzel ".. I thought it was very creative that she used her jump rope as her hair...  
 2. Italia's little personality has been peeking out more and more... I am realizing she is more goofy than any of us in this house, she is always making very silly faces and laughing....  my two girls are very different ... McCoy is very sensitive and reflective...even when she was Tallys age, we had to be slow at introducing new things to her, she would cover her ears if the music was too loud and sometimes even cry. I used to worry about her... but now I see as she has gotten older.. she is a very nurturing person. She is a very sweet friend and cares a lot about  "feelings" she is my deep, little missionary. Italia on the other hand, falls down at the park, scrapes her knee, gets up and keeps running and grabs the closest stick and throws it { sometimes hits you with it.. sigh, we are working on that part }. She is all over the place, laughs a lot and is always making me smile.
 3. McCoy wears pull ups at night... and we are trying to wean her off this. I told her if she could stop peeing in her pull up for a chunk of time, I would reward her by taking her to sea world and 2tarts. She responded " all in one day"???.... she was amazed. She hasn't peed in her pull up in almost one week now... and counting. Very exciting. We found this funny little cat poster as a reminder in the bathroom for McCoy to take her potty trips before bedtime. I then started reflecting on this style of parenting... and felt a bit guilty... I guess this seems more like a bribe than a reward{ woops! }and I thought.. it would have been better had I just allowed her reward to be " feeling confident" in herself and growing up to be a big girl. I didn't think of it at the time. Parenting, the never ending journey of learning.
 4. We have a drummer! Tally is soooo into McCoys drum set. More than McCoy actually. This girl played drums for almost twenty minutes straight,, with milk sip breaks. I watched her and rolled laughing. She had the cutest facial expressions responding the music she was making.  I don't ever want to forget these faces.... I want to capture them in my mind forever and lock them away so I never forget.
Do you ever feel like that Moms,? its  bittersweet.. because time flies so fast.. and I don't want to miss a moment of this...I dont want time to pass. I just wish it could all stand still.
 5. Speaking of Italia.. she is gaining weight! Praise God... that virus really took her for a spin. She has been eating a ton more protein and plumping up a bit. Mind you, both my kids have always been on the smaller side, in the 10 %-tile... and there is nothing wrong with being a short stack... but when she got rocked by this virus with vomiting for weeks... we grew super concerned. I am so glad we are past that.  We are going to go to a follow up visit next week and see how much she has put on....but just by looking at her.. I think we are doing really great.
 6. Today, McCoy completed Kinder Phonics. She is an amazing reader.. even her co-op teacher complemented her, saying she was very ahead in her reading. I am such a proud Mama. Today after we put the final " finish stickers" on the posters and we hugged. I cried a little, I told her I am so proud of you, and not only because you are a good reader... but because you have integrity and you try! Oh my gosh.. I'm starting to cry right now... I cant even begin to tell you how much joy homeschooling has brought to me... just being able to witness her achievements along side her.. I feel sooooo blessed... and proud. and did I mention, I am proud?

Video of Italia: { age 21 months } to hear her audio. scroll down to the bottom of this blog page  and turn off my music.


  1. so happy for all the milestones, but yes, it is a little sad, too. I'm so grateful that I get to be with my kids to see it all.