Around Here :

We read our bible in the car.

 We planted some succulents
 We painted our coffee table.
 we cooked.
 we played.
 we jumped.
 and we stocked Kitchy Chicks this morning 
 Like to the BRIM..... 
 baby stuff....

 New oxys and Bell sleeves.....
Just thank my little helper....  { not really} she was actually tearing the store apart... but we did it.
My Tonsil " Stay-cation " has officially begun.
The rest of my day will consist of making healthy Popsicles.
Stocking the fridge with veggies to juice.
and fluffing the bed... { fo- real }

Ill Be Back... Tonsil- free.. and ready to rock! Thanks for your patience during this time.


  1. I knew I liked you we have the same car seat. Thinking a praying for your tonsil time, much love and blessings

  2. OH MY STARS!!! it that a STEVIE WONDER oxy??!?! i need it.

  3. ummmm, so when did mccoy become a big girl???? was it between last week and this week??? for reals!!!!!!! good luck with the tonsils!

  4. Cute this is my first time on your blog :) I love it your girls are lovely