and we went to the mall.

This is what a husband looks like who is trying to bless his wife. A full SEVEN hours at the mall, with our two girls and my mom..... and lots of " what do you think of this "... questions.
 I cant even tell you how much fun we had.... and I am not a mall person. But then again... after our lovely day... I may retract that statement. I totally enjoyed myself..... it was perfect weather, the kids were  all smiles { for seven hours? }.... and we came home with some new treasures.. including some awesome winter boots for muah. I feel blessed to enjoy my family this much.... and have I ever mentioned on my blog... that I have the sweetest Mom, ever? I do.

Update..I only have a few black rosarys left. Shop here... before they are gone. & We are having a 30% off sale on all of our minnetonkas @ Kitchy Chicks right now.....Be sure to add us as a friend on fb to get more info.
Pics of styles we carry:

Today.... I am going to eat left overs, wrap up some final items for this next PPP post.... and go and visit my friend... whose dog just had chocolate lab puppies. Hope your weekend is off to a great start.


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