TONSILS- SALE ??? I am not selling my tonsils... { if i could.. i would.... those nasty things are pretty expensive}

So I wasn't sure what I was going to do... but have finally decided that it would be best for me to officialize my tonsillectomy time off... and shut the shop down for a bit. I cant predict what kind of recovery I am looking at.. so I am going to assume I wont be tending to much work for at least a week if not two. So needless to say.. I wont be posting any new PPP for a couple weeks...

I have ton of new stuff that I am going to stock Kitchy Chicks with on Tuesday... so be sure to go and check that out... and Kaari will be doing a live post from the store.. so if you are not friends with her on fb ... get hooked up and stay tuned. {Lots of cute new items}

I decided to offer up a generous sale for the entire day tomorrow.. to make up for my absence. I thought a chunky 40% off might ease the pain. Please be sure when closing out on etsy to enter the proper code before checking out so it will give you the discount automatically.  { sale does not apply on custom orders }On Tuesday morning I will put my etsy shop in vacation mode. I will ship out all completed customs and ordered items before my surgery.

Psst.... I am drafting up my Q&A.. from the Quit your Day Job Series.
I am collecting all the different emails and questions that were asked to me.. and hoping to get it all in one blog.... these questions were anything from..
1. how do you start a business .... what are the first steps?
2. How do you juggle being a stay at home Mom and work?
3. Do I need a DBA to do etsy?

If you have any questions you would like to add, comment below and I will add them to my upcoming blog  and for everyones benefit...{I will try to write this.. when coherent and not drugged up on pain killers }

Check out an awesome giveaway over at mycakies.... eeeeek!

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  1. thats amazing.. you have already gave me so many tips..
    so as a top seller on etsy I would just like any tips for a seller like me.. I just made alot of huge changes and increased my sells by 80% in a short time.. also when you got to that stage for your self when you made those changes and as sells started to pick up what are some of the steps you toke to be able to stay organized.. like what do you use to manage your custom orders and shipments...??~

    hope all of that made sense~