Around Here...

I really wish all Saturdays were like the one we had yesterday. Yesterday... I fully let go of all my to-dos and carved out an entire day of fun.

 For one... the weather was perfection.. so I took my Garmin watch out for a spin.. and ran a couple miles around my lovely neighborhood.  Since Italia came down with my that nasty virus from the gym.. four or so weeks ago... which has dominoed into dehydration and failure to thrive... she has become quite puney.. and I have to be very careful with her as we enter into the winter season with all the snotty kids this season. Our Pediatrician agreed that since Italia is so small and fragile right now.. its best to decline childcare activities with her this fall....  so that means no more gym for me. And even though I miss the gym a bit.. I am praising God for restored health and happy to give up whatever it takes. Oh and as I come to the front door after my run... look at who I see looking at me through the glass { almost gave me a heart attack }...  So Glad I had my phone on me to capture this scary photo.

So many of you have prayed for Italia... and we have felt it. Thank you.  I am so happy to say that Italia is coming around the bend. Italia had me laughing today. {and normally I would have been scolding her} for hitting her sister with the plastic shovel on our nature walk... but just seeing her frompin' around collecting sticks and leaves and being so playful.... it was just what my heart needed... it had been so long since I have seen her so full of energy.... and McCoy was even more tolerant with her. After our nature walk... we painted pine cones... and made a cute little craft... we also made felt and construction paper leaves... and we still have a ton of rocks and sticks we didn't get around to painting. McCoys idea of a perfect day would be crafts from sunrise to sunset... and that was this day in a nut shell.

The entire day my house smelt like goodness....I was so excited to make this recipe. Gluten Free Chicken Dumplings. The way to my husbands heart is through his stomach. {he is Italian } So After Dinner.. I made this recipe again.... and the smiles on everyones faces... made me realize... dang.. I need to cook more often! Seriously. What have I been doing? Quite Frankly... dropping the ball... that's what.

This morning... we all woke up and I went thrifting.... and had no idea... McCoy took these awesome pictures with my instagram on it... until I went to load these up.  Silly girl.
The Monkeys are down for naps now... so I am going to work on the prettiest PPP wedding dress {anyone getting married ?}McCoys Halloween costume {princess, remember ?} and some leaf bunting for my house {depending on how long this nap lasts }... I also ordered some amazing new products for Kitchy Chicks.. that just came in and eeeek! I am so excited to get them stocked in the shop... I can hardly wait.

Some other things to remember:

- Oxy week is coming up
- An exciting day for PPP on October 18th. { details coming }
- Be sure to check out our behind the scenes PPP video.
- New PPP coming this TUESDAY... TBA... and Kitchy Chicks stocked on FRIDAY.


  1. i am SO glad that italia is feeling better!

  2. Love to Italia x x x and everyone else!!