Oxy October...

Did you know that we just declared it Oxy October!? It's true... We decided Oxy Week is officially Oct 22-29th....{We are having a party at Kitchy Chicks, October 29th.} Details Here.... In celebration of the Oxy.... every owner of an oxy... has a chance to win {yup }ANOTHER OXY. We are going to have an oxy raffle... and here are the ways you can get your name entered into our oxy-cellent contest! For starts: you must own an oxy! { so if you dont have one now... what are you waiting for?}  There are several ways you can get your name entered into the contest... and if you do all of them, you will be entered multiple times. Eeeeeek!  { local or far away customers all- welcome }

The first way you can have your name entered into the contest is by tagging PPP in a picture of you in your oxy on face book between the dates of Oct 22-Oct 29th. {remember it has to be done during oxy-week} Feel free to send along some shout outs and love notes about the oxy as well.
Another way you can enter is by becoming a follower of this blog and commenting below on this blog itself.. why you love your oxy and anything else you want us to know about your love affair with the oxy. { This can happen anytime between now and Oct 29th. }
Another way to be entered into the oxy raffle... is to go shopping at Kitchy Chicks in the PPP room during oxy week. 
The Most Fun way to enter into the raffle.. is to wear your rad little oxy to our rad little party. Yup, You cant miss the fun, October 29th at Kitchy Chicks. Be sure to check in at the front desk when you arrive so we can take a picture of you in your oxy. 
    Okay...as you can see..there are tons of fun ways to enter... and one lucky person will get a FREE OXY. {either custom made or Kitchy/Etsy bought. Either way ... we are all going to have a ton of fun .. giving major props to a shirt that has changed our life!  Wooooo- Hoooooo- Oxy!

    The Winner will be announced here on the blog....  October 30th.  Good luck... and may the best oxy lover win!


    1. Absolutely love my oxy's - warm, one of a kind, stylish, sexy, comfortable. I love that fact that when my husband does not want a shirt anymore, it means a new one for me! Thanks for all the amazing clothes Shauna!

    2. I love my oxy's bc they are different(one of a kind)...Im not into todays fashion and thats why a PPP oxy is perfecto for me!! Thanks Shauna! =)

    3. i LOVE my oxy because it went with me through all the changes before, during and after pregnancy...it fit well and looked beautiful through every stage!! no other shirt can do that!! now i need a new one :) i think my family would agree ;) xo love you girl

    4. Heather TrzebiatowskiThursday, October 20, 2011

      I love my oxy's for 2 reasons: 1. whenever I wear one of my oxys - someone always tells me they love my shirt. 2. Whenever I wear one of my oxys - I love my shirt!!

    5. I love my oxy shirts because they are not only comfortable, but they are so flattering on everyone!!! When I wear any of my 6 oxy tops I am bound to get loads of compliments....I get to share my love for PPP with the Public and they get to find out about our little secret fashion society:)) I just tagged 4 oxy pictures and I'm going to wear one tonight and get some pictures...then I will wear my oxy's all week long to celebrate OXY WEEK!!!! Go PPP....thanks for the contest!!!!!!!! This is Nikki Fettig by the way:)) I can't login for somereason?

    6. I love my oxy's! Not only are they the coolest tops I own - they are unique and super cozy!Great for both wearing out or lounging comfy at home. Sure lots of people own PPP's awesome Oxy's but no 2 Oxy's are the exact same so every Oxy I own is truly ~one of a kind~ (I love that!) Also, they are perfect for all seasons ~ warm weather - wear alone ~ cold weather - throw on long sleeve underneath. <3
      ~cindy lemoi

    7. love my oxy(s)... daughter loves it. . . hubby loves it. I feel like a million bucks in them! NB Lynn R (can't log in either)

    8. ....Oxy??...no way such a term as just Oxy as in only one....I have tons..this old hippie momma lives in Poor pitiful pearl`s oxies this time of year-fall here...loverly Oxy......Terrilynne

    9. I absolutely adore my Oxy's! The are the most comfortable shirts I own and every time I wear one, I get so many compliments. I can't wait to add more to my collection!-Dawn H.

    10. I have so many cute oxys..flannel, bells, sweatshirt, tshirt...I love them all! :) I will get over to FB and tag. ~Laura Davis
      ps I became a blog follower too

    11. I love my first Oxy t-shirt & can't wait for more. Super comfortable & awesome!
      Mary O

    12. Two words about my Oxys..THEY ROCK!! They are super comfy and look great. I always get compliments on them, especially when I have ovenights. I wouldn't know what to do without them!!

    13. ...when in doubt~oxy it out...they are a staple in my wardrobe and i know when i put them on i am adding a little extra bounce to my step...i <3 oxys!!!!!

    14. Oxys.....it was love at first site. I feel comfy, cute, and most importantly unique! Oxy's are my go-to shirts in my closet. I can't imagine life without them! Looking forward to getting many more! Thanks for all you do!
      jessica p

    15. You are such an inspiration! I'm proud to mention you in my post about Inspiratioinal women! Thank you, love ;)