New PPP & 3,000

Lots of New PPP posted last night. and..... Congrats!!! to our 3,000 sale. Tiffany Crosland won a free wrap skirt because she had her eye on the etsy sales clock. Woo- hoo. It just feels good to be in the 3000 sale bracket. The wrap skirt Tiffany won was also a new style I was experimenting with and I was happy with the way it turned out. Here it is :
 I havent made wrap skirts in a while.... they are very time consuming, back breaking square cutting and quilting them together before cutting them against the pattern and sewing it... {it really is  like making a quilt..}. I love the way they turn out though. Here is the patchwork one I posted.
I brought in a shorter version of this style to Kitchy Chicks.. along with a ton of coffees and kids stuff. Def go and sess out our new stock if you are local. The following is the nice little batch of new PPP that was posted online last night..... and there is still a bunch left.

New PPP. Here.

and Mamas Be sure to check out " Moanhood or Mommyhood" written on Tiffany Croslands blog.
I found it this morning... and my spirit shouted " Amen" ... several times!

- hug your babies- kiss your hubster- thank God for his provisions-
Have a blessed sunday

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