Making things Seamless.... one step at a time.

Many of you have asked me... How I juggle this or that? How I manage my time, etc? When I say its a constant work in progress, it truly is. Sometimes you have to work at something for a while to realize what the kinks are before you know how exactly to iron them out.  Years ago... I used to make customs without requesting the customer send in fabrics of their own.I would spend hours sifting through thrift stores trying to find that perfect shade of  "sky blue" the customer had requested for one single dress.. until I realized.. I was moving at a very slow pace and had a custom order list three weeks out and waiting. I love to please my customers but as many of you know who thrift, when you are looking for it... its not usually available... thrifting is wonderful.... but its also full of surprises. You never know what you are going to find.... and if you go in " looking for Sky blue"... you can bet you are going to walk out with a paisley sheet and velvet chair. This unpredictability.. is what makes PPP so special.... what makes each post so different. Its the reason we can have 20 bloomers and still want more.... Its nice to have that recycled one of a kind surprise, right? well sometimes......

You see... custom ordering one of a kind items can be quite tricky. Ive thought about doing away totally with the custom process... focusing more on the items I design casually on my whims... but I know there will be a lot of bummed out busty, tall, girls who feel forgotten about... and I also enjoy using those special fabrics from your baby's birth, grandmas kitchen etc... to make each piece that more special to you......At the same time... its very time consuming, more time consuming than any other thing I do. Let me explain when someone orders a custom I usually have several emails of info back and forth before we confirm details... then I have incoming mail to my PO box to check, fabrics to sort, directions to read and measurements to get" exact". Sometimes in one week.. I have twenty of these going at one time, along with store stocking, etsy posting and store orders... so as you can see... I am not trying to be nit picky... I really do need to make the best use of my time... and I am being forced to consider new ways to carve out a more seamless way to keep up. Two things immediately came to mind:

1. Because of the High volume of customs I do per week.. it slows down my production time to sort left over scrap. I am requesting now that each customer only send in what they are willing to part with… I will not be able to return left over scrap.

2. I also am asking that each customer would please send measurements with their fabric and in the note to seller { upon closeout } not in personal emails, facebook emails or etsy.. this will help me cut down the time I spend searching for your custom info when I am ready to start on your project. Gathering all your info in one place will help me with the efficiency of each project.

If you are a new customer.... I know that my listings for custom work seem rather lengthy... but please do read the listing in its entirety... I have all the details noted on what fabrics you will need,measurements and even the address to send too... it saves us all a ton of time. I really appreciate you guys working with me on these things, it will help me be more efficient and enjoy the process more... and allow me to keep making these fun customs for you. 

You guys are the best, Thanks again, xo.


  1. Thanks for posting! I didn't know what it took to make a custom...I think you have some better ideas about them I applaud you. Life is all about improving oneself...and I love to see your growth...You never cease to INSPIRE ME!!

  2. Love this! I need to order something soon!

    Along Abbey Road

  3. ok, first of all, I need to tell you I just spent 45 minutes perusing your blog, etsy shop and website, and I am IN LOVE! You sound like a beautiful, Godly woman, and I was "amening" so much of what you had to say ;)

    I just became a follower of your blog, only to read this post, and the timing is so funny....I am doing away with my own custom orders right now, for all of the same reasons you stated above. They are so much more work! Sounds like we are on similar journeys, and I'm thrilled to follow you and all of your adventures.

    Oh....and I'm one of those tall busty girls, I may just have to order something,wink,wink! Can I dream of actually having pants that are long enough?!?! Or a skirt or top that doesn't look way too short??!?!?! Swoon....

  4. thanks so much for sharing this.

    I love the lengthiness of your listings.. and its teaching me so much!~