Last Party with my Tonsils.

This is seriously my favorite time of the year, the weather is absolute perfection... Today I wore wool socks around the house all day...and curled up in my crochet blankets on the couch. it was nice. We have a lot to celebrate as we enter into this new season... I'm already planning for Christmas.... and am super excited to be a part of Kitchy Chicks. Everyone is upping the ante at our shop and our store is going to be off the hook.. and pretty much the coolest place to buy Christmas gifts this year. Speaking of Kitchy Chicks... Tomorrow is Kitchtoberfest! Are you coming?  We have really cool parties....  so come on over! Unless ofcourse, you don't like free beer, homemade treats, awesome people and cool things to buy....

Tomorrow...we will be at Kitchy Chicks, celebrating my very last party with tonsils. Yup, I am having them removed on November 2.. and yes I realize I am a bit too old for this procedure... I am not as excited to drink milkshakes and eat jello as most 8 year olds..... I am pretty nervous to be quite honest. While I am not looking forward to what sounds like a long recovery... I am quite ready to put this behind me... as I have been contemplating this decision for over a year now. Since I will be on pain meds and pretty much "resting" for a couple weeks...I'm kinda in a scurry trying to prepare my house and business for whats ahead... I have never taken this much time away from PPP and my kids... so God Bless my husband as he puts on his Mr Mom hat. Thank you for your prayers, we appreciate them so much!

If your have a custom order currently placed with me...{ don't fret } I am working on getting them done and mailed asap.. this is on the top of my list. I will contact you to give you a heads up.... and by golly don't forget to enter our awesome giveaways right now,  Oxy week is almost over...and win some dread extensions... details here.

Loads of fun stuff happening { minus the tonsillectomy.. i suppose } .. but I'm trying to look at the bright side of things... having a week or two off laying in bed.. even if in miserable pain... is still two weeks off laying in bed, right?  -


  1. Oh boo! Hope recovery is quick! Wish I could be at the party. Sounds like you girls know how to throw a fun one! :)

  2. Wishing you a Speedy Recovery...I still have my tonsils..eek! No worries on PPP..We can wait whatever it takes...Just be well!!
    Just know we all love you and want you to be Healthy.
    Have a great party at Kitchy Chicks..and I hope to make it to a future one.
    Go PPP!!

  3. Ohhhh, I feel your pain! Literally...I just had mine out 3 weeks ago! Drink lots of water! I couldn't eat anything for a week, so lost 10 pounds - not that I'd recommend that as a way to lose weight...

  4. wish i was in Tx to party~ yet quick recovery to you and your family~ love and light