Homeschooling the Princess.

If you know me well... my daughter McCoys obsession with being a princess is NOT something I have encouraged. In fact.. I am about as anti- sparkle as a girl can get. I just don't like glittery pink things. So.. its been kinda a funny joke on me... that my daughter loves ballet... freaks out over rhinestones and wants me to call her princess McCoy. She told me she is not sure about playing soccer... because she doesn't think she would like it if someone tried to take the ball away from her. { oh dear }.

I have fully embraced the fact that i have a full on princess living with me. You will never guess what she wants to be for Halloween... Yup.. A princess. And the pumpkin you see carved on our table.. that was done while she was with Grandma and Grandpa.... and yes... the pumpkin has a crown too.

She has had several plastic crowns.. { which have all been broken } and princesses are very dramatic when their crowns break, ya know... So I was pretty happy when I found this crown.. over at My Cakies. Not only is it adorable.. but well made and I think this princess will gets loads of use from it. Today McCoys request was the she was able to wear her special crown while doing school.

But of course.... 

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  1. Princess McCoy is so darling! I am like you, I'm not a huge fan of pink.. until recently! All my life I've been anti pink.. but now I'm liking it a little bit more... I've even put some in my hair!