Around Here...

Two days a week McCoy goes to a  homeschooling co-op at our local church... and the class room has 7 kids. She knows everyones name and it is very warm and inviting. McCoy who tends to get anxious in big groups of people.. is really thriving in this small classroom.  Homeschooling is going great at home.... but this co-op allows her some "class" time. I remember being excited as a young girl to wear fun outfits, carry a back pack and have a desk with my name on it. I don't want her to miss out on that aspect of class. I feel truly blessed to be able to have this ideal set up. She looks forward to her two days at school... but admits she loves her days at home too.

McCoy is wearing: PPP Apron Dress, PPP Sweat Bloomers, Converse, and Pink Lemonade Headband.

Italia is gaining weight! and back to her silly self! What a blessing. Her diapers are fitting her snug , her face has pudge on those cheeks again....and this Mama couldn't be happier! Oh and did I mention her appetite is back ???? - I spend most of my time during the day making her food... she is a machine... just like her Daddy.

Italia is wearing: Thrifted Old Navy Rainbow Jacket and long sleeve, PPP towel pants, Pea Robeez and Pink Lemonade Headband.

These Headbands made by Paige... are the cutest... so naturally I ordered some beautiful colored headbands for Kitchy Chicks.. and I stocked the shop up with some New PPP last night. A few items in this bunch are personal favorites of mine... Def get in there before they sell out.

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  1. italias towel pants are probably the cutest little things ive ever seen!!! gosh i cant wait to dress my baby in ppp!

  2. Beautiful x x x Sounds a great compromise, Evie has Headstart at school 3 days so I keep her for two, it's lovely x x x