Trick O Treat.

McCoy: Fairy-Sun Princess: her own creation. / Crown by Mycakies
Italia:  Cutest little Puppy ever. 

We just got home from our downtown stroll..... trick or treatin'. We had a couple parties that we were invited to that sounded Ah-mazing.... but we are feeling kinda "tapped out" from the Saturday party at Kitchy Chicks... and decided that we will all watch " tangled" and make some soup and get cozy on the couch.

The 40% of sale.. is still going on till midnight tonight!.... and Tuesday I will get everything all set up for my tonsillectomy. I will mail out a ton of packages tomorrow... and I am stocking Kitchy Chicks to the BRIM.  Wheee. weeee. Def go to Kitchy if you are local and grab something.. there will live posts while I am out..



TONSILS- SALE ??? I am not selling my tonsils... { if i could.. i would.... those nasty things are pretty expensive}

So I wasn't sure what I was going to do... but have finally decided that it would be best for me to officialize my tonsillectomy time off... and shut the shop down for a bit. I cant predict what kind of recovery I am looking at.. so I am going to assume I wont be tending to much work for at least a week if not two. So needless to say.. I wont be posting any new PPP for a couple weeks...

I have ton of new stuff that I am going to stock Kitchy Chicks with on Tuesday... so be sure to go and check that out... and Kaari will be doing a live post from the store.. so if you are not friends with her on fb ... get hooked up and stay tuned. {Lots of cute new items}

I decided to offer up a generous sale for the entire day tomorrow.. to make up for my absence. I thought a chunky 40% off might ease the pain. Please be sure when closing out on etsy to enter the proper code before checking out so it will give you the discount automatically.  { sale does not apply on custom orders }On Tuesday morning I will put my etsy shop in vacation mode. I will ship out all completed customs and ordered items before my surgery.

Oxy and Dread Winner!

We had a blast at the party!!!! 
 We might have had too much fun with the stick on staches.
Even.. Pearl... sported one { Pearl is our mannequin }
She is our fashion muse.... she is rockin some funky dreads too.
 Pearl is always the life of the party... we all gravitate to her

  and... thank you to those of you who entered into oxy week! The winner will get a FREE OXY... of their choice,custom made or already made in the shop.
The winners name was drawn.....Congrats Cindy!!!!

I love my oxy's! Not only are they the coolest tops I own - they are unique and super cozy!Great for both wearing out or lounging comfy at home. Sure lots of people own PPP's awesome Oxy's but no 2 Oxy's are the exact same so every Oxy I own is truly ~one of a kind~ (I love that!) Also, they are perfect for all seasons ~ warm weather - wear alone ~ cold weather - throw on long sleeve underneath. <3
~cindy lemoi

& A big thanks to those of you who entered into our Dready Giveaway!
The winner is :
These are so cool and what a great idea! I like the big natural blonds with maybe a few blues :).
Contact Amanda.... to pick your set! Congrats!


I am Dready Dreamin.... again...... but this time... I took some good advice. A blogger named Steph commented on my Dready Dreamin post... suggesting that since I was on the fence about getting dreads.. I should really get some "dread extensions" for the fun of it... without making any long term decision with my hair! That had me very interested! So naturally... I asked  "where do i get these dreads "? She sent me to this lovely lady, Amanda... at Damnation hair.

I ordered two sets of dreads... one for me... and one for my mannequin at Kitchy Chicks... and can I say LOVE!!!!!!!... or rather  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!! Oh my gosh I am in dready heaven!

Amanda with Damnation hair is so kind and will be giving away 5 free dreads of choice to one lucky winner! The winner will be announced on Oct 30th along with the Oxy winner!
[ eeeek. so much fun stuff going on ]

Here is how you can enter:
1.Spread this link on your facebook, twitter, or blog
2.Buy something from her shop.
3.Comment below your favorite "dreads" in her shop.

Do all three and get entered three times!!!!  { let us know below which ways you entered }
May the best Hippie Win!

Around Here...

Two days a week McCoy goes to a  homeschooling co-op at our local church... and the class room has 7 kids. She knows everyones name and it is very warm and inviting. McCoy who tends to get anxious in big groups of people.. is really thriving in this small classroom.  Homeschooling is going great at home.... but this co-op allows her some "class" time. I remember being excited as a young girl to wear fun outfits, carry a back pack and have a desk with my name on it. I don't want her to miss out on that aspect of class. I feel truly blessed to be able to have this ideal set up. She looks forward to her two days at school... but admits she loves her days at home too.

McCoy is wearing: PPP Apron Dress, PPP Sweat Bloomers, Converse, and Pink Lemonade Headband.


Posted  New PPP today... with the first batch of vintage as well.
More vintage coming.