Thankful Hearts.

It all started with a rad picture of a revamped camper.. and that was enough to keep me tossin and turnin. Dreaming and Inspiration is fun... but I caught myself coveting and hungry for " More". So I got off Pinterest. { i highly suggest taking breaks from cool sites such as these }and I got back to my own rad life... which is pretty rad .. if I must say. { camper-less and all }Today.. instead of making goals for the future.. we had thankful hearts for today. We made a bunch of hearts and McCoy told me all the things she was thankful for.It was beautiful... and Im thankful.

I will be posting New PPP Tuesday at 12pm. Tx Time.
Enjoy your weekend. Hug your babies... Kiss your husband.

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  1. awesome. :) such a cute idea to hang them up!