Got Scrap?

Calling all local girls! --- Kitchy Chicks is hosting a girls night out... recycle party. Got some stuff deep in the closet you never wear? ...  think you will ever wear it again? maybe? ... don't know?

Here is your job:  Go through your closet 

Option 1 : If you want to transform something in your closet... bring your items and ideas and I will measure you right there on the spot...You can pay right then and there and your custom will be ready in two weeks... for you to pick up at Kitchy Chicks. Easy- Peasy!  {saves you on shipping and mistakes on measuring yourself }

Need some ideas?

Bring your favorite oversized team t-shirts to have them made into oxys!
Bring that tired skirt you wear alllll the time.. and transform it into a tube dress!
Bring your kids jeans and transform them into bloomers!
For More ideas check out our custom links... and see what you can dream up.

Option 2: Bring up to 20 pieces that you are completely done with and willing to donate to the PPP scrap bin.... and get PPP bucks back in return..  PPP bucks can be spent in the PPP room on any already made item at the Kitchy Chicks. For starts we ask that everything be laundered... and brought in a bag or small box with your name on it. We are not sure how many people will show up... and so I may not have a chance to go through each bag on spot. But Hold on... we don't need your old socks and ripped underwear.... we are actually pretty picky.. so the more you pay attention here the better your pay off.

We love: 
flat sheets { nothing see through }
dishtowels { the more retro the better }
flowy skirts
tshirts in good condition { longhorn, aggie, unicorn, cool beer shirts,vintage tees, bands, tasteful humor etc...}
Jeans { that are cut in style }
Sweatshirts {in good condition}
Pearl snaps
Pretty girl dresses
and of course Grandmas vintage...
and anything else.. that just screams PPP-

Please know that we spend $1-$3 per item thriftin.. so we will credit you back those prices on your items. and If we don't take your items... please don't get your feelings hurt,,, we are pretty picky.. and it doesn't mean we don't love you... but please give it a try!-

So Here is the 411:
@ The Kitchy Chicks
Thursday Sept 22. 6:30 Pm

Make it a fun girls night... dine at huisache... and come hang out!


  1. ooo i'm jealous--i wish i lived close so i could participate. i always have a pile of things that need altered. :)

  2. i really want to come to this! i am THIS close to moving to texas, haha :)

  3. Lame that I live so far. Boo. Sounds so so so fun! Enjoy! Miss and Love you! XOXOXOXO

  4. I wish you guys could be here toooo... it was a fun way to clean out the closet junk.! and I didnt have to go shopping last week :) xxxx