De-clutter & Organize.

 I am going to be shutting down my old blog very soon... and in the process of sifting through blogs I just am not ready to ditch. Right now I feel like I am in a LONG season of learning to organize and de-clutter my life.... this post has been keeping me inspired. Im a strange mix of O.C.D and reckless.Put it this way, I used to be able to practice my OCD behavior.... before having children... and now since I have very little time to be productive, I almost never clean up after myself.My friend Robin said to me the other day, "Shauna your house is always clean... what are you talking about".And then I realized.. my house may seem clean to others, I straighten pillows, make sure the rug is never in a bunch, make the beds and put away dishes constantly... but I am completely entirely hopelessly unorganized. Since most of my work is done at nap, or after the kids go to bed, I rush... knowing the clock is ticking. Its kind of  hectic and so the tasks that get bypassed and forgotten about.. are the clean up part. While noone who sews ever day expects my sewing space to be clean.. I am more embarrassed to admit, I have a file cabinet with a stack of " needing to be filed" papers, mail scattered, random spots for tape, glue, rubber bands, Completely unorganized photographs, and terrible.. just down right terrible at remembering important things like invites and birthdays... that would be because I have no legitimate calendar or planner.

 I beat myself up a lot and decided NO MORE recklessness. No more. So.. this week... in the midst of many projects, a full work load and other scheduled things, I have decided every free moment I have will be dedicated to getting my life out of this clutter. I am starting a birthday calendar, got both Donnie and I are own planners, put a to-do list and grocery list on the fridge... and even... started filing away papers tonight.{sigh} To stay in the mood... I put together a collection of inspiring photos.

Let the decluttering begin! 

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  1. i love organizational photo's. :) i hope we can stay in touch with the blog change!