Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What we Wore...

Being Pregnant has me really appreciating the "Non- maternity" clothing that I have had that are growing along with me, like this dress. Its all about comfort right now... and I'm not really feeling the traditional maternity clothing that I am seeing.  In conclusion: PPP is a maternity line, y'all.

Denim Jacket / PPP
Red Tunic Tee/ Forever 21
Skinny jeans + Fringe Boots / Justice

Arrow Tee/  Strawberry Moth
Ruffle Tier Bloomers/ PPP
Black studded Slip ons/ Old Navy

Ruffle + Bell Dress/ PPP
Leggings/ Forever 21
Boots/ Nine West
Fringe Bag / Royal Hippie
Pink Cuff/ Lot59

Monday, February 08, 2016

Baby PPP: Welcome our littlest PPP model Lolah

Little PPP is my favorite, but I haven't had a little model, until now.
Meet Lolah.
She is the perfect little PPP model, and was such a trooper today.
Big props to this little babe for busting out all these outfit changes with a smile.

I'm loading up any minute now,
Stick around 

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Recap + NEW Special Request information

                       There are still a few pieces from this batch up for grabs ------> go shop here

After each "recap" post from here on out,  I will be asking if you have any special requests.
Since I will not be taking custom orders anymore, I think this is only fair. Id still like to do my best to accommodate you all.. sometimes all it takes is me knowing what you want/ are looking for.
Sometimes, I just can't make it happen because I am unable to find certain fabrics / sizes etc.
But I promise you, I will try..try...try.

If you would like to see more of a certain style or size, please add it to my comments here on the blog. I will then print out your requests here and take them along with me when I go hunting for my treasures. Please avoid sending special requests to Facebook/ email, because I get a lot of messages in different places, and I truly forget over time all that emails I read.
If you comment here, it will be easy- peasy in one place.
make sure you leave your email, so i can follow up with you.

So feel free to start on this recap.

Do you have any special requests? styles? sizes?
What was your favorite of this batch?